Flare stack
and Thermal oxidizer

(Factory made and tailor made – components and systems)

BGM-BIOGASMETANO Flare Stack range include open flares (ground and elevated), as well as enclosed low and high temperature flares. All flares are characterized by simple end effective design, reliable equipment and ease of installation; operation is fully automatic. The high efficiency flares, typical for landfills application, ensuring the constant combustion temperature up to 1200 °C and allow suitable combustion even in presence of very low amounts of methane in the biogas (from 25% to 70% in volume with a turn down 5:1)

BGM-BIOGASMETANO flare stacks include gas trains, control panels, flame arrestors, safety devices, and are supplied as package units. As optional we can supply, gas boosters, biogas analysis instruments and ATEX/Zoned equipment can be additionally supplied, depending on customer /site requirements.

BGM-BIOGASMETANO also offers a Biomethane and Syngas Flares engineered and designed to operate as emergency device