with PSA
and Mebrane system

Biogas is renewable source of natural gas generated from the anaerobic digestion of waste materials in municipal landfill, waste water treatment plants and anaerobic digestion processing agricultural and industrial wastes.
The growing trend towards higher natural gas prices and demand for renewable energy has created strong demand for equipment to upgrade raw biogas to purified biomethane. Biogas is purified in Biomethane able to meets pipeline natural gas quality specifications and can be distributed and sold in to existing pipe line utility or also be used as a compressed natural gas (CNG) vehicle fuel for vehicles.
BGM-BIOGASMETANO use a best technology available on the market, membrane or PSA solution, to grant tailor made plants able to satisfy the requirements of each clients.
BGM-BIOGASMETANO standard unit can treat from 100 to 1500 Nm3/h of raw biogas until 99% of CH4 purity and realized in container or skid configuration to optimize delivery and onsite installation costs.