Drying unit
Desulphurization systems

(factory made and tailor made – components and systems)

BGM-BIOGASMETANO Drying Unit Systems are made to solve the main problem of Biogas from Anaerobic Digestion and Landfill normally saturated with water with  significant negative impact on the performance of energy recovery units.
Removal of moisture is done by cooling down the biogas flow so that moisture turns into condensate water that can be easily separated, collected and discharged. The system is based on an air-cooled water chiller and a water/biogas heat exchanger plus a cyclonic water separator at the end of line.
The system is designed as package unit; chiller is supplied for installation in non-hazardous area.

BGM-BIOGASMETANO skid solution are compact and easy to handle, are a plug & play biogas dehumidification package specifically designed for outdoor installation and hard operating condition typically in the WWTP and Landfill sites.

BGM-BIOGASMETANO drying units are designed to cooling down the biogas to 3-5 °C starting from typical inlet temperature of 38-40°C.

All components in the contact with biogas flow are realized in Stainless Steel AISI 304 or AISI 316 on request.
In a more complete solution IDS (Integrated Draying System) is installed a blower on the skid, connected functionally to the dehumidification system, allows to suck the gas through the system and overcome the pressure losses and ensure the correct pressure to users of energy recovery as engine or high-pressure compressor for upgrading solution.